The Winters in Bloom by Lisa Tucker

The Winters in Bloom

by Lisa Tucker

Lisa Tucker’s (The Song Reader) latest novel focuses on “helicopter parents” (they hover) Kyra and David Winter, whose seven-year-old son is kidnapped. A note left behind claims that Michael’s abductor loves him and won’t harm him. While this is cold comfort, Tucker tempers the family’s devastation with descriptions of the Winters’ smothering control over their son. Michael is home schooled just in case he might encounter a bully; he’s not permitted playmates because they could carry germs; and Legos are forbidden as a potential choke hazard. While it’s clear that the Winters adore their son, they are so neurotically overprotective that you can’t help but feel a twinge of satisfaction when his mysterious kidnapper takes the sheltered kid whale watching and lets him eat a candy bar.

Kyra and David carry traumatic baggage of their own. This isn’t David’s first marriage or child, and Kyra is weighed down with guilt about her once-beloved sister. Is David’s crazy ex-wife the culprit or has the sister that Kyra betrayed finally come to seek her revenge?

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This is a book recommendation only and not a review by me.


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