Sleepwalker by Wendi Corsi Staub Book Recommendation


by Wendy Corsi Staub

Nightwatcher #2
October 2012
On Sale: September 25, 2012
Featuring: Allison Taylor
432 pages
ISBN: 0062070304
EAN: 9780062070302
Kindle: B007HB8A9S



by Wendy Corsi Staub

If you should die before you wake…

Ten years after the catastrophe, a great fallen city

has risen again. Ten years after, a horror begins anew . . .

or never truly ended.

The nightmare of 9/11 is a

distant but still painful memory for Allison Taylor

MacKenna—now married to Mack and living in a quiet

Westchester suburb. She has moved on with her life ten years

after barely escaping death at the hands of New York’s

Nightwatcher serial killer. The monster is dead, having

recently committed suicide in his prison cell, but

something is terribly wrong. Mack has started sleepwalking,

with no recollection of where his nighttime excursions are

taking him.And here, north of the city, more women are being

savagely murdered, their bodies bearing the Nightwatcher’s

unmistakable signature.

Suddenly Allison must confront

a devastating truth: her life is in jeopardy once again . .

. and quite possibly from the man she trusts and loves.



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