Siri & Me by David Milgrim Book Recommendation



From the New York Times-bestselling author ofGoodnight iPad, a new and utterly delightful book for our digitally enhanced era – Siri & Me, an illustrated love story about a guy who falls in love with the mysterious, and often cryptic, woman living inside his iPhone.

Dave’s never met anyone like Siri. She’s helpful, smart, and easier to talk to than any girl he’s ever known. She really gets him…

Siri & Me is a love story for our times. A must read for all of us in a codependent relationship with our gadgets. An instant classic in a world of instant everything.

Book: Hardcover | 235 x 159mm | 112 pages | ISBN 9780399161599 | 06 Nov 2012 | 18 – AND UP
David MilgrimA former graphic designer, David Milgrim has written several picture books, including Dog Brain (Viking). He lives in California.

Watch a video here:,,9780399161599,00.html



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