The Cross of Santiago by Evie Gaughan Spotlight!

Today I am pleased to be showcasing a book about reincarnation, The Cross of Santiago by Evie Gaughan.


A mysterious heirloom, whose provenance lies in the Spanish Armada, holds the secret to a past life. The only trouble is, Amanda Morrison doesn’t believe in reincarnation and cannot explain how this heirloom has been bequeathed to her. But all of her beliefs are challenged when the search into her family’s past reveals more than she bargained for, and a Spanish yachtsman arrives to test her resolve. 
An epic story full of historical intrigue and parallel lives, The Cross Of Santiago is a book for anyone who believes in the transcendent power of love.

Author Bio 

Evie Gaughan is an Irish author based in Galway City, where she finds much of her inspiration. Influenced by writers such as Diana Gabaldon and Kate Morton, Evie has crafted her own unique writing style that is warm, engaging and full of humour. She has published several short stories, poems and feature articles and works as a freelance writer. 
When not writing, Evie likes to paint and has many artworks exhibiting in local galleries and on-line. A self-confessed crafter, her Galway home is full of hand-made designs. Evie is currently working on her third novel.

Author Blog –

Evie is also the author of The Mysterious Bakery On Rue De Paris

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Read an excerpt!

Chapter Thirty-One

“I am running, barefoot across the cobbles.” “Where are you going?” “To see Brother Thaddeus. I try to go there whenever I can, whenever father is away.”Chris was sitting on a wicker chair that had in a former life graced his parents’ conservatory. He was sitting to the side of the treatment bed, where Amanda lay comfortably with her hands by her sides. He did not for one second take her trust for

granted. However, he did feel slightly apprehensive about the fact that he had no idea what he was doing. He had read over and over the ground-breaking work of Dr. Brian Weiss in ‘Many Lives, Many Masters’, and how he had struggled to understand what was going on, despite being a trained psychiatrist. His own credentials left a lot to be desired.

Still, there was one thing Chris knew for sure; simply because there is no

explanation for something, does not mean it cannot exist. They would just have to

explore together and as long as Amanda was happy to continue, he would be there for her, just like he promised her brother Jay. Her soft voice broke his pensive silence. “It’s summertime; the bog cotton is growing like little white stars on the hillside.” “Where are you now Amanda?” he asked. “Amanda? No, my name is Annora.” Chris felt his skin prickled by a million goose bumps. He was terrified and exhilarated all at once. ‘What is going on here?’ he wondered to himself. Even her voice had changed, she was still whispering, but like a young girl. She seemed to be more innocent and naïve. “We’re in the garden behind the monastery. The cloisters protect the herbs and keep the air still. I bring Brother Thaddeus fish from the market and he’s teaching me to read. We speak only in English or Latin, he won’t talk to me as gaeilge; he says I can learn enough of that at home.” “And how did you meet Brother Thaddeus”, Chris asked in a conversational tone. “I told you, I bring them the fish. The Brothers won’t come to the market.” Chris’s voice grew softer and almost inaudible, while for Amanda, the sights and sounds of the medieval city grew brighter and louder. Until…….


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