The Book of Lost & Found by Lucy Foley Book Recommendation



It’s when life started in earnest


The paths of Tom and Alice collide against a haze of youthful, carefree exuberance. There’s champagne and excitement, but above all there’s the beginning of a love story that finds its feet by a lake one silvery moonlit evening.

The Book
It’s when love stories didn’t have happy endings

PARIS, 1939

Alice is living in the city of light, but the pain of the last decade has already left its mark. Against the shadow that sweeps across Europe, she and Thomas Stafford – now a world famous artist – meet once more…

It’s when the story begins

LONDON, 1986

Bestowed with an old charcoal portrait from her grandmother, Kate Darling can’t possibly imagine the secrets that have been lost to time. Kate’s journey takes her to Corsica, Paris and beyond, and as time melts away she is catapulted into the heart of a love story as epic as it is life changing…


The Author

I live in London, but love traveling – both in real life and on the page (hence the appearance of some far flung locations in my writing).

My debut novel, The Book of Lost & Found, publishes in early 2015 (HarperCollins in the UK and Canada and LittleBrown in the US). It’s also being translated into 14 languages around the world – I can’t wait to see the other editions.

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