My Review Policy

Update: March, 2016
I am feeling so much better, thank you to all who have commented and wished me well. Symptoms seem to be at bay, hopefully because of some lifestyle changes I have made. Still have the Parkinson symptoms, a bit of the legs getting tangled up and shaking, so far so good though!
Regarding book reviews, I am taking a break from individual author requests. I am still involved in tours. I need to do this because I need to catch up on my reading so I can give my reviews. If you want a spotlight/promo done, I can certainly do that.
Thank you for understanding!
*** Update
To any authors that I have promised to do a spotlight, I recently lost that part of my Google calendar where I had them scheduled. Luckily for most of them, I had already created and scheduled post. For those of you I miss, I do apologize and please let me know. 

To authors, publishers or anyone else that contacts me for reviews:

I try to give an honest review and if I am not able to finish a book for any reason I will let you know and will possibly list the book at LibraryThing or my blogs as a giveaway with the requirement that a review is expected.

* I read most any genre but prefer Historical, Mystery, Thrillers and Contemporary Fiction. I do NOT review Fantasy but I will review Paranormal. I DO NOT review Poetry, Erotica, Westerns, Dystopian, Alternate Universe or Self Help. Please do not even contact me if you have a book in these categories…I can not honestly do a good review on a genre that I do not like.

* If you want me to review a book for you, please email me at momkelly2003(at)yahoo(dot)com and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

* Do not just send me an ebook and expect a review, if you can not take the time to pitch your book to me then I may not have time to review it. (this does not happen often but it has happened) and please do not ask me to purchase your book for review.

If I am interested in reviewing your novel, I will contact you. Otherwise, you will probably not hear from me. 

* I do participate as a Book Blog Tour Host for various websites(which is a priority) and I will have books read and reviewed by the required date for these tours.

* I will try my best to have reviews posted by the month of publication or whatever is required. If no date is specified then I will schedule as I see fit.

* Authors: I will do my best to read/review your book as soon as I am able, as I do have a lot of other books to review.

* I will review ebooks, I have a Kindle and other ereading apps.

* I post my reviews at, B&N, GoodReads, LibraryThing, and Shelfari with links to Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon, Pinterest and Linked In.

I receive no monetary compensation for reviewing your book and this is a hobby and not a job, So please remember that when contacting me. 

*I love to promote any author but I especially like to promote ‘new’ or indie authors.

I look forward to working with you.

Kathleen Kelly



2 thoughts on “My Review Policy

  1. Kathleen: Someone just tweeted your recommendation of The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap and I made a comment, not knowing we had already connected. Well, bless your sweet heart for the most generous post.
    I hope your husband is doing okay. My good thoughts go to him, and you, and your family.
    We’ll be in touch.


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